How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

by Katherine on January 24, 2013

At Saatchi & Saatchi S, our consumer and employee engagement work focuses on driving positive behavior change, so at the start of 2013 it was only natural for me to pull out my list of new year’s resolutions.  This year I ended up with a list of about 15 resolutions, ranging from exercising three times per week to making a greater effort to keep in touch with friends. Of all the resolutions on my list, somehow the one requiring the most action has been my greatest success. New year’s resolution number one this year is to get out into some form of nature every weekend.

Granted, I haven’t been going on long backpacking trips or camping out in Yosemite — and it may even be a stretch to call it nature — but you’ve got to start somewhere. I’ve managed to keep this resolution, for the most part, remaining here in San Francisco.

I started my new year in South Lake Tahoe where I visited Emerald Bay. Right off of a busy road, this was one of the most pristine, beautiful scenes I’ve ever witnessed.


The next weekend I went on a 3 mile hike (calling it a hike may be a stretch) at Land’s End. The trail may be filled with tourists and dogs, but it provides some of the most incredible views of San Francisco.


The next weekend I walked a 3 mile loop through the Presidio, an old army base in San Francisco that has now been converted into a state park, and ended the day with some urban camping. While I simply slept on a roof in the city, I woke up to the stars throughout the night and then witnessed a beautiful sunrise.


Since making this resolution, I’ve started every week refreshed and appreciative of where I live and the natural beauty it has to offer. It’s incredible how keeping a commitment to such a small behavior change can make you so happy.


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