What We Do

Whether a company needs to take its strategy to the next level, build a base of engaged employees or communicate its story to stakeholders, Saatchi & Saatchi S loves to find new ways to make sustainability irresistible. Saatchi & Saatchi S is unique in our ability to offer standalone services, as well as an integrated solution tailored to the specific needs of each client.


  • Activation Roadmaps
  • Mission, Vision, Values Alignment
  • Organizing Ideas
  • Sustainability & Social/CSR Program Development
  • Research & Insights

Strategy is key to creating an effective and impactful sustainability platform. For some organizations, strategy starts at square one: exploring the company’s mission, vision and values and understanding how sustainability aligns. For others, it may be about creating a strategy that determines how to best operationalize existing priorities and goals.

Through our research and insights processes, Saatchi & Saatchi S helps our clients explore and identify solutions to such challenges, and works with them to create clear roadmaps for implementation. Some of this valuable work includes analyzing relevant trends, competitive benchmarking and helping companies identify the right opportunities and big ideas that will create impact and differentiate them within their industry and market.


  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Employee Campaigns & Initiatives
  • Customer Activation
  • Leadership Development
  • Group Facilitation

Engagement is a vital part of any organization’s sustainability strategy. After all, it is the people involved — from employees, customers, shareholders, and community groups — that will ultimately make or break a company’s success.

But simply educating such groups on sustainability isn’t enough to address the challenges facing our world or the ambitious goals set by corporations, NGOs, and governments alike. Meaningful engagement requires taking the next step of approaching employees, customers and others as partners in discovery, problem-solving and innovation.

This type of engagement is at the heart of our practice. At a fundamental level, we partner with organizations to drive behavior change. Blending theories from the fields of sociology, psychology and behavioral economics with best practices from community activism, our approach meaningfully connects individuals to sustainability and empowers them to create change in their personal and professional environments.


  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Concept & Campaign Development
  • Thought Leadership
  • PR/Media Relations
  • Social Media Strategy

Communication is an essential, and underutilized, strategy for sustainability. Many brands and organizations have powerful and effective programs in place, but without compelling communications, the work may go unnoticed and unappreciated. In addition to gaining differentiation and leadership, communication is also critical for collaboration and innovation, which will allow us to move with urgency toward solutions to our global issues.

For well-established brands, a compelling communication strategy allows shareholders to engage in the journey and recognize the long term value of sustainability. For startups and early stage companies, strategic, authentic public relations and social media support is the most affordable and effective approach to establishing leadership and building buzz.

Given the drastic changes in media over the last 10 years — the decline of print, the rise of blogs, the 24/7 news cycle — having expert media relations strategists on your team is even more important than ever. At Saatchi & Saatchi S we know what moves the needle on a story for leading reporters covering topics from consumer engagement to energy and cleantech and sustainable consumption, and we use these insights to help connect clients with the right reporters at top-tier outlets. For Saatchi & Saatchi S, media relations is not just a tactical output, it’s something we approach with diligence and care, knowing that the result will inspire action.

We believe people are the real medium of sustainability, which makes engaging via social media a requisite. We keep up to speed on all the latest and greatest social apps and trends so we can be smart about deploying the most effective solutions for our clients.

And, of course, being part of the Saatchi & Saatchi family also means we have world class experience in creating brands and developing integrated campaigns. Whether a client is looking to establish a cohesive identity for its sustainability platform or needs a fresh, new way to get consumers involved in taking their journey to the next level, we make it happen.